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Day 10: Traveling the Rocky Road

Start: Denver, CO
End: Hurricane, UT

Miles Driven: 647.4 (3453.0 total)

We set out this morning on one of our longest driving days yet. It was also the most scenic drive we've had so far.

We began by heading to the Rockies. The road we took was carved between mountains, which made for fantastic views around every corner. There were many tunnels that took us through the mountains, including the famed Eisenhower Tunnel which is situated 11,013 ft. above sea level. We saw beautiful peaks, steep red rock climbs, and happy skiiers throughout the drive.

On the other side of the Rockies, the scenery began to change as we entered Utah. Here we drove through canyons and saw impressive rock formations. The sky became overcast, which added another dramatic element as low clouds hovered over canyons. It also brought some challenging snowy weather to our drive.

We finally arrived in Hurricane, Utah after nightfall, where we were checked into our hotel by a 7-year-old boy and had an interesting dining experience at the only local establishment open on a Sunday night.

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