Route Map


Day 69: End of the Road

Start: Cambridge, MA
End: Caribou, ME
Miles Driven: 415.7 (11775.9 total)

Today we reached the end of the line for our US road trip. (If we drove any further north we would be in Canada and starting the trip over again.) Greeted by the lowest temperatures we have yet seen, we arrived in Caribou to spend a few days with Patrick's family. We got to celebrate our third Christmas of the season and our first with snow on the ground.

With that we bring the blog to a close. Stay tuned in the next few days as we post a "Best Of" entry.


Days 67-68: Familiar Territory

Start: New York, NY
End: Cambridge, MA
Miles Driven: 245.6 (11360.2 total)

Yesterday morning, we made our return to New England and were greeted by frigid temperatures in the teens. We finally saw a Rhode Island license plate in Connecticut; it was the only license plate we had yet to see on our trip.

Tuesday's highlight was a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Parts of the museum are under construction, and there were also hordes of young children on field trips, but we still were able to enjoy extensive collections of paintings, sculptures, and a special exhibit on Paris runway fashion.

The rest of our time in the Boston area was spent riding the T, hiding from the cold, and eating lots and lots of Katrina's grandmother's cooking.


Day 66: Super Sunday

Start: Berwyn, PA
End: New York, NY

Miles Driven: 116.9 (11114.6 total)

This morning we hit the road again and were in Manhattan in an hour and a half. It took almost as long to find a parking spot. We joined Katrina's friend Olivia for brunch and then all hopped on the subway to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). Of the many museums we have visited on this trip, this definitely held the most abstract exhibits and featured works from artists ranging from Picasso to Andy Warhol.

Only a few blocks away is the world's premier toy shop: FAO Schwarz. We went inside to play and see piano dancers, lego wookies, and enormous (and expensive) stuffed animals.

After masterfully navigating the expansive New York City subway system, we landed in Greenwich Village. As we hopped from bar to bar we took advantage of superbowl drink specials and complimentary wings which made the usually expensive nightlife scene surprisingly easy on our wallets.