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Day 13: Back to School for a Day

Start: Las Vegas, NV
End: Los Angeles, CA
Miles Driven: 285.5 (3956.9 total)

After a big night at the casino, we decided to make a quick getaway from Vegas so we didn't have the opportunity to lose all of our winnings. Somehow we both managed to leave Vegas ahead. We set out on the short drive to LA and made a quick pit stop in Baker, CA...also known as "Bun Boy Country", whatever that means. We stopped there for gas and a quick bite to eat at the Mad Greek restaurant....a desert oasis of Greek food and culture (and we say culture in the loosest terms possible).

Once we arrived in LA we took a quick walking tour of Westwood and the UCLA campus with Katrina's brother Josh. Afterwards we met up with Josh's girlfriend Nicole and w
ent to Santa Monica for dinner and a shopping trip. While in Santa Monica we walked to the ocean to make our coast to coast trip official.

Upon returning to Westwood we made delicious smoothies with pineapple, strawberries, bananas, orange juice, guava juice, vanilla ice cream, and other special ingredients and tuned in to this week's new Top Chef. Though we were shocked by Mama Mia's tirade and breakdown at the end of the show we all agreed it was time for her to go. We finished the day by participating in UCLA's "Undy Run", a tradition that occurs during finals that serves as a break from studying or more excuse for people to run around campus half naked. You can find pictures in the photo album...viewer discretion is advised.

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Evan said...

I think michael is awesome, and I think he would have gone had Mia not collapsed.

Real question is what happened to the other female judge? I think whats-his-name from queer eye is also judging again next week.