Route Map


Day 4: Hooray America!

Start: Toronto, ON
End: Chicago, IL
Miles Driven: 671.8 (1296.6 Total)

We got going at the crack of dawn, much to Patrick's dismay, and said farewell to Toronto. Next stop Niagara Falls. We pulled in around 9AM and being a Monday morning and was an ideal time to be there. When we first arrived we were the only ones there and were able to snap some great photos.

On our way west we passed through Hamilton, Ont. and as we drove down Main St. of the fairly large city we believe it or not saw our second criminal apprehension in as many days. We knew right there and then it was time to get out of Canada as soon as possible and made a B-line towards Michigan. After sitting in traffic at customs for a half hour we finally made it back to the states and what is the first thing we see...a "Freedom Isn't Free" bumper sticker. It's so good to be back.

The drive through Michigan was a snowy one and disaster was averted when Patrick called his dad for a weather forecast who alerted us of lake effect snow warnings off of Lake Michigan. A foot of snow was awaiting us on our planned route so we changed course in the nick of time. A beautful sunset in Indiana made the final hours of a long day of driving a little easier. Finally we reached our destination, the Quality Inn in Chicago and celebrated with Chicago classic stuffed pizza.


Jen and Corey said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip so far! The pictures are great. Obama update: 1400 people. In other words: Donkey Show, or perhaps...Goat Rodeo

maineiacs said...

Enjoying your pictures and route map. Did you see the burger place in Coldwater where we maxed out on burgers and fries? Except for some really cold weather your weather should be mostly snow free as a big high sets up over the Rockies into most of next week. Red Sox update: signed Drew and Lugo and Lester says he will be ready for Spring Training.

Patrick said...

Didn't see the Burger place in was so snowy we didn't see much of anything. Good news about the snow, we can handle the cold. Can't say I am excited about Drew but hopefully he will prove me wrong...