Route Map


Day 39: Down By The River

Start: San Antonio, TX
End: Houston, TX
Miles Driven: 214.4 (7585.7 total)

After getting another late start, we headed for downtown San Antonio. First we visited Market Square expecting an outdoor ethnic marketplace. Instead we found a series of airport terminal-like gift shops bunched together in one large indoor building. If you are in the market for a cowboy hat, cheap plastic jewelry, or a 64-oz margarita, this is a good place to go.

Our next stop was the Spanish Governor's Palace where we finally found the local flavor for which we were looking. The building served as the home of the highest-ranking Spanish official when Texas was a part of the Spanish Empire and much of the original furnishings are still intact in this surprisingly small and unadorned structure.

For lunch we found a traditional BBQ restaurant along San Antonio's "Paseo Del Rio" (or Riverwalk for the gringos in our reading audience). Our lunch was tasty but the Riverwalk was even tastier. The San Antonio River flows right through downtown and is flanked by sidewalks, shops and restaurants as well as gardens, waterfalls and trees that arch over the water.

No visit to San Antonio would be complete without a stop by The Alamo. The history of the spot was overwhelming and we learned much about the historic stand as well as the birth of Texas.We capped off the day with an evening in Houston where we stayed with Katrina's friend Cait and caught the Ohio State-Florida game at a local Mexican restaurant.

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