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Day 43: Why Doesn't E-ZPass Work in Florida?

Start: Melbourne, FL
End: S. Miami Beach, FL
Miles Driven: 221.3 (8957.5 total)

What happens when you combine Miami rush hour traffic, a car accident that shuts down three lanes of I-95, toll plaza after toll plaza and railroad crossings that actually have trains? of the worst driving days yet. The 200 miles between Melbourne and Miami Beach took us nearly six hours to complete.

We finally arrived at Katrina's friend Catherine's apartment, who lives in famous South Beach. A few of Catherine's friends met up with us for dinner at a German Restaurant on Lincoln Rd where we enjoyed big beer and big flavor. The night ended at an Irish pub with dancing to the stylings of DJ Big Foot (although for the record, we do take issue with the "Irish Pub" label as they offered neither Guinness nor Smithwick's).

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shawn foster said...

you must remember those 80/90 miles per hour days when you were out West fondly..there is something to be said for tumble weeds versus traffic huh?

we need more florida pics...

now that's a big pretzel! has Katrina tried a boiled peanut..they are definitely not for everyone!