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Day 58: Nuovo Post da Italia

Start: London, ENG
End: Rome, ITA
Miles Driven: 0 (10850.9)

Though we were sad to say goodbye to London and our new friends at the hostel, we had to catch a flight to Italy. Our flight on Ryan Air was much smoother this time, with only a 30-minute delay in take off due to an "unidentified traffic in the airspace". There was even in-flight entertainment...a gorgeous bird's eye view of the Alps below.

Upon arriving in Rome, we took a bus to the city center and enjoyed the sunset over ancient ruins along the way. To find our hostel, we enlisted the help of an Italian woman at a local pizzeria, but Patrick really just wanted an excuse to buy a piece of pizza. Both the directions and pizza were satisfying and delicious. But not as satisfying and delicious as our "hostel" room at Residenza Don Bosco, where we have a private room, private bathroom with bidet, and towels provided! We even have a small TV suped up with Italian cable stations.
We had dinner at Ciao Bella with possibly the best lasagna we have ever tasted. As we wandered the streets of Rome looking for Trevi Fountain (above), we stumbled across the Spanish Steps. Despite our fortuitous find as a result of being lost, we decided to continue our search for Trevi Fountain after we bought a map. The search was well worth it as the glistening grandeur of the fountain by night was magnificent.

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