Route Map


Day 61: Wurst City

Start: Rome, ITA
End: Frankfurt, GER

Miles Driven: 0 (10850.9 total)

We caught our early morning flight from Rome without a hitch and were in downtown Frankfurt by noon. Immediately we stopped at a stand to sample the finest German meats, a bratwurst and rindwurst, before sampling what Frankfurt had to offer.

Our first stop was the Kaiserdom, the church where the Holy Roman Empire's emporers were coronated. The suprisingly simple interior was much different than that of the other coronation spot we visited, Westminster Abbey. Other highlights included the Romer (City Hall) and St. Paul's Church, which served as Germany's first Parliament building. Thirsty for more sightseeing we stopped to read a guidebook for the city and found that we had covered everything in an hour and a half.
In search of a traditional German restaurant for dinner, we found more Italian and Indian food being offered than the national fare. We finally found a place in the square in front of the Romer where we enjoyed beer, Handkase, a local cheese specialty that is rather pungent and only tolerable in small quantities, and apfelstrudel.

Our hostel was conveniently located across from Frankfurt's main train station, and directly above one of the many strip clubs in the area. We prepared for a cozy night in our bunks to the soundtrack of our roommate who sereanaded us with the sounds of his sweet snoring mingled with "dance" music from below.

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