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Day 69: End of the Road

Start: Cambridge, MA
End: Caribou, ME
Miles Driven: 415.7 (11775.9 total)

Today we reached the end of the line for our US road trip. (If we drove any further north we would be in Canada and starting the trip over again.) Greeted by the lowest temperatures we have yet seen, we arrived in Caribou to spend a few days with Patrick's family. We got to celebrate our third Christmas of the season and our first with snow on the ground.

With that we bring the blog to a close. Stay tuned in the next few days as we post a "Best Of" entry.

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Jen said...

The end of the blog! I don't know how I will get through the day now. Can't you just keep doing this for the rest of your lives? "Today I went to the new Shaw's supermarket in town. Here's a picture of me and the kid who gets the carts from the parking lot. He let me wear his reflective vest."