Route Map


Day 1: Montreal on Ice

Start: Concord, NH
End: Montreal, QC
Miles Driven: 263.5

The morning was spent closing up the apartment and recovering from road trip eve festivities. When the clock struck noon we said our goodbyes at NHDP HQ, set the odometer to zero, and hit the road. We made record time to Montreal in three and a half hours, with the trip's major challenge being Patrick not passing out in the passenger seat from "exhaustion". As we pulled in to town the weather turned south quickly and we checked in amidst a full-fledged ice storm. The Quality Hotel Midtown miraculously survived the neighborhood blackouts.

We took the Metro downtown for dinner and ate at one of Katrina's old favorite places: L'Academie. Patrick devoured 2 baguettes followed by his dinner, much to the disgust of the two women sitting a foot away (somehow we ended up at a table for four with complete strangers).

After dinner, Katrina led a walking tour of Montreal highlighted by her old apartment, the Latin Quarter, and Old Port. Patrick's favorite site was Hotel-de-Ville (as seen above) which is Montreal's historic City Hall.

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Evan C said...

I'm kinda surprised that you didn't take I89 up through Vermont.

Don't forget to have poutine before you leave Canada!