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Day 2: Ontario...where Patrick can read signs again

Start: Montreal, QC
End: Toronto, ON
Miles Driven: 361.3 (624.8 total)

The drive from Montreal to Toronto was for the most part uneventful, save the panic following our first gas stop, when the first two stations we came across were closed. Luckily, Shell came through for us and our fear that all gas stations in Canada are closed on Saturday was quashed.

We met up with Katrina's brother, Daniel for dinner and a night on the town. Daniel gave us a walking tour of the University of Toronto campus--complete with ghost stories! We then went for sushi (and teriyaki) at New Generation, followed by an Irish pub crawl. The first stop was O'Gradys (picture above) where we took in the Habs-Leafs game and Patrick enthusiastically introduced Daniel to his first Smithwick's.

Several Smithwick's later, we made our maiden voyage to Pizza Pizza, which is world-renowned for its $6 pizza deal (and that's CANADIAN dollars!) Unfortunately, the pizza comes at a greater price. After much haggling and two separate proofs of purchase via receipts, we were allowed to eat our mediocre medium pepperoni.

We then walked back to Katrina's friend Nicole's house (our gracious hostess) to rest up for our big day on the town tomorrow.

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Jen and Corey said...

Just finally getting to check-in. Thanks for the Obama plug. I will keep you guys updated on the number of people attending, as of Sunday at 9:30 PM it's 831!

We also had to recover from the road-trip eve festivities, a morning flight with bad turbulence doesn't help. :)