Route Map


Day 16: Northward Bound

Start: Los Angeles, CA
End: Redwood City, CA
Miles Driven: 360.2 (4369.8 total)

The LA forecast predicted showers, so we decided to head north for the weekend. We spent the day driving I-5 and were shocked by how much farmland there is in California (and how badly that farmland smells). One pasture we came across must have had at least a thousand cows. Arriving in Redwood City early evening, we got a much needed oil change at the local Jiffy Lube and then met up with Katrina's cousin Dominique and her husband Ted. They took us to a local Indian restaurant where we ordered a potpourri of dishes--and then immediately forgot what everything was as soon as it got to our table. We ended the evening by watching a TV special on Oliver the Humanzee; it was as compelling as it sounds.

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