Route Map


Day 17: A Day in the Bay City

Start: Redwood City, CA
End: Redwood City, CA
Miles Driven: 109.5 (4479.3 total)

Our first destination once we reached San Francisco was Alcatraz. A short ferry ride delivered us to the island, which besides being famous for it's historic prison offers some of the best panoramic views of the bay area. Touring the cell block was fascinating and eerie all at the same time.

Back on the mainland, we walked down Fisherman's Wharf and saw the seafood stands, restaurants and street performers. For a cheap lunch, we grabbed a loaf of bread to share at Boudin's. We continued on to Ghirardelli Square--just to look at the chocolate factory--and ended up staying for a delicious brownie sundae dessert.

We then hopped on a crowded cable car to climb the hills away from the bay. As our car paused at Lombard Street, we jumped off to check out the curviest street in the world. Quickly we felt sorry for the residents of the street, not because of the steep and windy street they have to navigate daily, but because of the bumbling tourists constantly snapping pictures outside their doors.

A quick check of the watch showed it was getting late, so we decided to head farther north to see Muir Woods before it got dark. The route took us across an impressive red bridge that is apparently known as the "Golden Gate". The redwoods at Muir towered over us as we hiked along the park's main trail.

The drive back to San Francisco was just as scenic with the sun setting over the Pacific. Once it was dark, we climbed Telegraph Hill to view the skyline at night. Exhausted from a long day of sightseeing, we began the drive home to Redwood City--but not before stopping to see San Francisco City Hall, which was all lit up for the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Iverson is a Nugget. Between 'Melo and Iverson, they shoot just shy of 50 times a game. No other nuggets will touch the ball.

Patrick said...

speaking of 'Melo, I heard he clocked your boy Nate Robinson...whats the story with that