Route Map


Day 21: Southern California Safari

Start: Los Angeles, CA
End: Los Angeles, CA
Miles Driven: 294.7 (5232.0 total)

Over the course of the trip, we passed over many opportunities to visit zoos in order to visit the biggest of them all: the San Diego Zoo. We braved the 405 and drove the two-hour route south with that one destination in mind.

However, our first order of business upon arrival was not looking at animals but eating animals, as Patrick sat down to have a hamburger. We spent the next four hours navigating the maze that is the zoo. The highlights were watching the pandas and elephants have lunch, being on the wrong end of a rhino snot-rocket, and observing the drama of the gorilla family (they could have their own reality show). Somehow we also managed to see no less than seven animals urinate.
For dinner we drove into downtown San Diego. The city was less metropolitan than we expected, but offered a wide range of restaurants and had some cute independent shops. We ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant in the Gaslamp District and then headed back north for the night.

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