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Day 6: Is it cold in Minnesota? You betcha...

Start: Madison, WI
End: Minneapolis, MN
Miles Driven: 302.8 (1741.3 total)

This morning Katrina had to drag Patrick out of our suite to set out for Minnesota. On the way, we stopped for some Wisconsin cheese and Katrina loaded up on free samples. Then it was straight driving until Minneapolis, where the Mall of America waited for us.

We arrived at America's biggest mall and were immediately overwhelmed. Even Katrina, who grew up with the country's second biggest mall, was awed by the multitude of shops and the amusement park around which the mall is centered. We decided to ride the roller coaster, so we bought our tickets, walked past the kiosk for lost children (apparently there are many), and hopped on. It definitely was not the fastest roller coaster either of us had ever ridden, but it was hands-down the best thrill we've had at a mall.

Once we had taken our fill of the mall, we headed downtown. After thoroughly freezing our butts off for two blocks, we realized that everyone else walking through the city was doing so above our heads, through glass walkways. Minneapolis's downtown is completely connected through the Sky Way, a network of heated glass tunnels one story above the street. A person can walk 10 city blocks without stepping a foot outside.

Which we did, in our journey to the Target Center to watch the Timberwolves-Rockets NBA game. Katrina was very excited to watch her first live NBA game, and the action did not disappoint. The Timberwolves pulled out a win with the combo of Kevin Garnett's dominance and Yao Ming's clumsiness. We then headed back to our hotel (which was no Clarion Suites, Madison) to crash for the evening.


Jen and Amy said...

By the time you get this you'll probably have moved on but St. Paul is a nice city too. The MN State House is beautiful.

Amy and I think you guys have a career in Blogging ahead of you. This is scrumtrelessent! (can't use that word enough)

maineiacs said...

can we get a skyway in Caribou?..I had no idea..those Minnnesotans are smart! Loved that you called from the Mall of America...keep those pictures coming... they are great.. especially Katrina with her Chicago stuffed pizza and riding every roller coaster/subway,etc in the land..almost 2000 miles logged already!

Where next?

Adam said...

hey Katrina,

if you make it out to Colorado, give me a call

Adam Berger

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know, through his first 5 games, Sean "WID-yums" Williams is averaging 11.4, 4.8, and 5.8 bpg--yes that's 6 blocks per game...

Also Tyrese's avgs are: 13.7, 3.6, and 5.0... 14 points and 5 assists per game... true two early losses sucked, but this could be a decent squadron down the stretch

oh yeah and T-O-B is now coaching the wolfpack of N.C. State.

Just thought I'd keep you abreast while you are abroad (two "abr.." words in one sentence)

Robert and Dory said...

Hey, when do you guys plan to be in L.A.?! Have a blast and always drive with shared caution. Also, when to you head to The Big Island?

Patrick said...

It's great to hear from everyone....

we did drive through St. Paul and got a glimpse of the state house...much bigger than NH's for sure

thanks for the BC update Jeremy...surprised to hear about O'Brien...watched Craig Smith drop 10 on the Rockets, all from the paint...Foye only played 6 minutes

R & D- we should get to LA on the 14th...will call you in a couple days to let you know for sure