Route Map


Day 7: Driving the Sunshine State

Start: Minneapolis, MN
End: Rapid City, SD
Miles Driven: 590.5 (2331.8 Total)

The majority of the day was spent traveling through the "Sunshine State". No, not Florida--South Dakota. The state did live up to its motto as we enjoyed our first full day of clear skies since we set out on this road trip, and we broke out of single-digit temperatures as we passed from Minnesota to South Dakota.

There were two distinct things about driving across South Dakota: the beautiful rolling farmland, and billboards. Lots and lots of billboards. They all centered around either "red state values", or tourist traps. And after the 53rd sign advertising Wall Drug Store, we were finally duped into going. It was well worth the stop; neither of us had ever seen such a wide selection of cowboy boots, especially not at the bargain price of $500 a pair.

After eight hours on the road, and the most stunning sunset yet of our trip, we finally reached our destination of Rapid City, South Dakota. We grabbed a bite to eat and walked around downtown. On each street corner there is a statue of a past American president. Katrina particularly enjoyed meeting President John Adams (see picture above).


Evan said...

it's snowing here in New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

was the "WID-yums" bit a dead giveaway?

getting fired up for the ACC home opener against the terps...

(oh in case you hadn't noticed, i'm boycotting supporting our supremely mediocre football team that has found its way into the 9-3/8-4 niche that its become so comfortable with, once again starring in the american standard toilet bowl

...and hi Katrina!

maineiacs said...

love the sunset...spectacular! I've heard of Wall the hat's you! Presidents on every corner and more billboards than people....very interesting! Your blog is excellent..I feel like I'm on the trip and I've learned a lot...this is a trip and experience you will never forget...continued fun!