Route Map


Day 35: This is Red Rock Country

Start: Grand Canyon, AZ
End: Camp Verde, AZ
Miles Driven: 213.6 (6033.7 total)

Having turned in at 6:00 pm the night before, we woke up in plenty of time to watch the sun rise over the Canyon
. Next we took the scenic route to Sedona, which included Route 66 and Oak Creek Canyon. Everything in Sedona was red: the rocks, the houses, the sidewalks...even the stop signs. Sights in town included a church built into the red rock designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, red rocks, a guy driving a stagecoach down main street, and more red rocks.

Our hike/rock climb for the afternoon took place at Boynton Canyon. Amazing views of the Canyon surrounded us as we walked along the Vista Trail that led to Boynton Canyon Spire. Last we stopped at Airport Mesa, but not before we saw our stagecoach driver again half a mile further an hour later. Airport Mesa is a popular place to watch the sunset and is also known for being one of many "vortexes" in town said to have natural healing powers. So apparently Sedona is just like the island on Lost--but instead of a hatch, Sedona has Sizzler.

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