Route Map


Day 36: Feliz Viaje

Start: Camp Verde, AZ
End: Las Cruces, NM
Miles Driven: 589.4 (6622.3 total)

Before leaving Camp Verde we visited Montezuma's Castle, a 12th century cliff dwelling built by Sinagua farmers. The castle is comprised of 20 rooms and because of its grandeur was originally thought to have been built by the Aztecs...hence the name.

The rest of the day was spent driving through the Arizona and New Mexico desert. We passed many a cacti and many a warning about treacherous dust storms that would cause zero visibility on the road way. Luckily it was nothing but smooth sailing today as we reached Las Cruces, a homecoming of sorts for Patrick 23 years in the making. Much to his dismay, no one here remembers him.

For dinner we went south of the border. No not Taco Bell, but truly south of the border to Juarez, Mexico. We meandered the downtown strip until we found a restaurant to our liking. Not quite sure of the exchange rate...Patrick spent the evening throwing around pesos like monopoly money. As we left Mexico a sign wished us "Feliz Viaje" and we then navigated the gauntlet that is US Customs. Thankfully they did not search our car, which is packed to the brim.

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