Route Map


Day 46: Swamp Excursion

Start: S. Miami Beach, FL
End: Flamingo, FL
Miles Driven: 108.2 (9129.0 total)

Before leaving Miami we took a goodbye walk on South Beach and strolled the Art Deco District.

The weather was overcast, warm and muggy: the perfect setting for a day in the swamplands. We made the short drive from Miami to Everglades National Park. Once there, we hiked through the Mahogany Hammock, a natural canopy island in the middle of the swamp, and watched alligators lurk at Paurotis and Nine Mile Ponds.

Our final destination for the day was Flamingo, Florida at the very southern tip of Florida in the Everglades. We set up our tent in the middle of three palm trees and watched yet another dramatic sunset, which was only topped by the crystal clear starry night.


Heidi M. said...

Your first unidentified bird is a Great Blue Heron, your second (wonderful picture, btw) is an Ahinga.

Sometimes it pays to have a former science major as a friend :-)

Mike said...

hey katrina! it's mike from the basement. i'm glad to see you two're having a great trip so far! one quick correction to the other comment about the second unidentified bird. that's an anhinga. she just forgot the first "n" :)