Route Map


Day 47: Gator Bait

Start: Flamingo, FL
End: Melbourne, FL
Miles Driven: 284.6 (9413.6 total)

The sky was clear and sunny as we awoke in Flamingo this morning. We packed up our tent and made our way back to civilization, but not without stopping at Royal Palm to hike on the park's most scenic trail. There were countless species of birds (the Everglades boasts more than 300 species in all) and alligators at every turn. One was not happy when Patrick got too close: he winked and made an aggressive gesture with his head. Patrick got the hint and maintained a safe 15 feet from all alligators from that point forward.

With no accidents or rush hours to impede us, we made it back to Melbourne smoothly. Patrick's grandmother made her famous lasagna, and we enjoyed a leisurely evening of feasting and looking at baby pictures of Patrick.

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