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Day 53: Merry Christmas...Again!

Start: Washington, DC
End: Berwyn, PA

Miles Driven: 158.6 (10822.2 total)

Today we officially left the South. We did cross the Mason-Dixon Line, but the real marker was the end of Waffle Houses off every interstate exit. The final meal included all the favorites: double waffle, double hashbrowns and a bacon cheeseburger--and that was just for Patrick!

It was Christmas in January when we arrived in Berwyn. Katrina's mom had left the tree up for us, and Patrick got to take part in his first Christmas present scavenger hunt. Our hard work and detective skills were rewarded with his and her rocking chairs that we imagine will fit perfectly in our next apartment.

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Mike said...

No "Welcome to Maryland" sign?! Sadness!
Love, Mike from the Basement