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Day 54: Berwyn...Where Every Day is a Holiday

Start: Berwyn, PA
End: Berwyn, PA
Miles Driven: 28.7 (10850.9 total)

Happily back in the kitchen, the morning began with a big crepe breakfast in honor of Katrina's mom's birthday. We spent the afternoon seeing some of the Berwyn area landmarks: the township building, the thrift store, and the King of Prussia Mall (incidentally the second biggest mall in the US--no rollercoaster in this one).

For dinner we met up with Katrina's best friend Ali at their old favorite restaurant from high school. Chili's was as delicious as ever, and this time they were able to get away with ordering beer!

Once Katrina's mom got home from work, we squeezed some limes and mixed up fresh birthday margaritas. Patrick also got his first experience with the family rhumtopf. Also know as boozenberries, the deadly concoction of blueberries, rasberries, strawberries, and 151 rum always ends the night on a good note.

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Claire said...

Hi Guys!

Love living vicariously through you!

If you make it to the New York/New Jersey area, give me a call. We'll play. Also, we have a new pull out couch if you need it (and by new I mean new to me).

Enjoy the rest of your trip!