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Day 64: Freedom (Fries) for All

Start: Berwyn, PA
End: Berwyn, PA
Miles Driven: 19.8 (10870.7 total)

In need of some brotherly love, we spent the day in downtown Philly. At Independence Hall we brushed up on our US history and saw the room in which the Declaration of Independence was debated, edited, and signed.

Across the street is the building that houses the Liberty Bell, which is normally packed with people in line to see the American relic. Luckily, we were in and out in five minutes. We are not sure if this was because it was a weekday in February or because the entire building smelled like a bathroom.

Philadelphia is home to one of five US mints in the country. Its focus is coins and medals, and we found the free tour very informational. A little too informational in fact as Patrick is still contemplating a quarter counterfeiting scheme.

We couldn't leave Philly without getting a real taste of the city: cheesesteaks of course. The only question was Geno's or Pat's. In the end, we opted for Geno's cheesesteaks and freedom fries due to better celebrity photos. If it's good enough for Justin Timberlake it's certainly good enough for us.

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