Route Map


Day 65: Amish Paradise

Start: Berwyn, PA
End: Berwyn, PA
Miles Driven: 126.6 (10997.7 total)

Pennsylvania Dutch country is only an hour west of Katrina's house so we drove out for the day for an Amish adventure. The road took us through snowy fields and farmlands and the journey was made a bit slower when we encountered more than one horse and buggy along the way. We stopped often at the many roadside farmers' markets to sample the array of homemade cheeses, jams, and fudges for which the region is noted.

The highlight of the trip (for Patrick at least) was our lunch at the Bird-in-Hand Smorgasbord. Here, we were able to get full size samples of the local specialities including Shoofly Pie, the famous sugary and gooey Amish dessert. The pie was the first time on the trip we found something that Patrick would eat that Katrina didn't.

Before calling it a day we visited nearby Valley Forge, the site of the Continental Army's winter encampment under Gen. Washington in 1777-1778. It was so windy and cold that we had trouble spending 5 minutes outside there...we can't imagine spending an entire winter.

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