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Sojourn Superlatives

After nearly 70 days on the road, we spent a few days reflecting on our journey. Below are some of our favorite memories from the trip.

The Numbers:
Miles Driven - 11,775.9
Gallons of Gas Used - TBD
Average Miles Per Gallon - TBD
Interstates Travelled - 39
States Visited - 34
Countries Visited - 6

Hotel Room:
Best - MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
Worst - Economy Inn, Las Cruces, NM

Best Overall - Via Cavour Ristorante, Rome, ITA
Worst Overall - JB's, Hurricane, UT
Best Value - Spaghetti Warehouse, San Antonio, TX
& Waffle House, any Interstate exit in the South
Worst Value - Sharky's, Waikoloa, HI

Best - Brownie Sundae, Ghiradelli's, San Francisco, CA
Worst - Ice Cream and Cookies, Golden Buffet, Carlsbad, NM

Best - Strawberry Margarita, Margaritaville, Las Vegas, NV (Bonus points awarded for being to-go)
Worst - Fuller's Beer, London, ENG (Negative points awarded for being warm)

Natural Attraction:
Best - Carlsbad Cavern, Carlsbad, NM
Worst - Volcanoes National Park, Volcano, HI (Negative points awarded for inactivity)

Historical Attraction:
Best - Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA
Worst - Spanish Governor's Palace, San Antonio, TX

Best Free Attraction:
St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican, Vatican City (Free only on the last Sunday of every month)
Best U.S. - The Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Worst Value Attraction:
Westminster Abbey, London, ENG (Though it was fascinating and we are glad we went, the cost was an astronomical $30 apiece)

Best - Vatican, Vatican City
Best U.S. - Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Worst - Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL

Wildlife Experience:
Best - Everglades National Park, FL
Worst - St. James Park, London, ENG (Home to hundreds of fearless pigeons)

Best - Puako, HI
Worst - Santa Monica, CA

Attraction Surprises:
Most Pleasant Surprise - Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX
Most Disappointing - Central Market, San Antonio, TX

City Hall:
Best - Montreal City Hall, QC
Worst - Rapid City City Hall, SD

Public Transportation:
Best - Denver, CO
Worst - Toronto, ON

Best - Pacific Coast Highway, CA
Worst - Interstate 69, MI

Easiest - Ranch Route 652, West TX
Worst - Malibu, CA to Westwood, CA (An hour and a half to go 10 miles)

Best - Wall Drug's 100+ billboards on Interstate 90, SD
Worst - "Support Hunters, Wear Fur", Interstate 90, SD

Gas Prices:
Best - $1.74, Upstate SC
Worst - $2.69, Northern CA

Highest - 11,013 ft above sea level, Eisenhower Tunnel, Interstate 70, CO
Lowest - 6 ft below sea level, 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA

State Sign:
Best - Wyoming
Worst - New Hampshire

Road Trip Item:
Most Useful - 2007 Rand McNally Atlas
Least Useful - Collapsible snow shovel

Road Trip Snack:
Best - Trail Mix (Unsalted peanuts, raisins, reeces pieces)
Worst - Bananas (Too temperature sensitive)

Best - Big Island, HI
Worst - Grand Canyon, AZ (Camping in 19 degrees made for a long night)

Coldest - -9 degrees, Caribou, ME
Warmest - 80 degrees, Miami Beach, FL (Bonus degrees awarded for humidity, edging out Hawaii)

Best Sunset:
Hapuna Beach, HI

Best - New York, NY
Worst - San Diego, CA

Best - Happening upon the Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace, London, ENG
Worst - Just missing the Three Kings Day Parade, Little Havana, Miami, FL

Overall City/Town:
Best - San Francisco, CA
Worst - Los Angeles, CA


Evan said...!!!!


Do not dis the British beer lest ye be dissed!

Also, Fuller's is low budget in London. It's great compared to US beer, but in London it's the equivalent of Coors Lite.

Evan said...

PS I have to leave for Boston Friday night, so it would be cool if Patrina could make it down earlier so we can grab a drink or an early dinner before i head out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina and Patrick. I just read thru your entire blog as we are planning a similar trip for our family and I fully enjoyed it and got a lot of great info from it. Note to you two tho, next time you come to Canada, try the west coast, way more scenic and beautiful.
Enjoy all your future travels!
Julia from Vancouver, BC